[4k] Commodore Amiga 2000 internals
[3k] Commodore Amiga 2000
[4k] COMX 35
[3k] Sega Saturn
[1k] Line
State of the Ark
Donovan Marshall's Computer Collection

Welcome to State of the Ark, the home of Donovan Marshall's Computer Collection. This is a private collection of computers ranging from 70's micro computers, 80's home computers and game consoles to a variety of more modern PDA's, games consoles, home and business computers.

[21k] Commodore PET 4016
[1k] Line
[4k] Atari 7800 box
[3k] Apple Powerbook 150
[4k] Sprectravideo 328
[4k] Siemens B8011

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